Blue to the Rescue!!

HERE HE COMES TO SAVE THE DAY!!! BLUE M&M IS ON THE WAY!!! If you don't have a favorite M&M color, may I suggest blue! Apparently, Blue can be your cure to a spinal cord injury!! No kidding!! The University of Rochester Medical Center researchers are saying that the blue dye found in M&Ms and... Continue Reading →

Slap in the face…

What a slap in the face for Canadian actress Rachelle Lefevre... she just found out that Bryce Dallas Howard (yep--Ron Howard's daughter) will be the new face of the sexy evil vampire Victoria in the 3rd film of the Twilight series... What?! Why?! Rachelle, who portrays the role in the first 2 films, found herself... Continue Reading →

Fashion Crime!

Now scuba divers can commit crimes of fashion too! Many a lady would say that you can do just about anything in high heels, but sometimes you just shouldn’t try! Who ever thought of scuba diving in heels?! Designer Lisa Carney did! Here are her HIGH TIDE HEELS -- they are basically flippers with stiletto... Continue Reading →

Would you???

Would you walk around with 60000$ on you?! Our Canadian Bachelorette, Jillian Harris, can now show off her stunning engagement ring designed by jeweler Neil Lane. It's a platinum ring set with a 2.05-carat pear-shaped center diamond with six baguette-cut diamonds to accent the center stone and 94 round-cut diamonds to give it a contemporary... Continue Reading →

Mmmmm Ed!

I admit it... I am hooked to the whole "The Bachelor" franchise!!! Therefore, I've been glued to the TV every Monday evening for the last little while, screaming at our Canadian girl Jillian to get rid of "I'm-using-you-for-my-career" Wes, get "I'm-not-too-good-at-expressing-my-feelings" Reid back on the show and to test the theory that a guy who... Continue Reading →

35 million joints!

That is the amount of joints you could do with the 12.4 tons of marijuana that was seized in the biggest drug bust of Middle East History (3rd biggest bust worldwide)! Last Wednesday, a British Law Enforcement Ship notices a suspicious cargo vessel near Oman and decided to search it. It was in a secret... Continue Reading →

Now THIS is an entrance!!!

I've always wanted to have 1 original thing at my wedding, like a crazy break down and boogie first dance! Well, this week's viral video on Youtube has just confirmed that desire and made me fall in love with Jill and Kevin! I have no idea who they are, but I want them as friends... Continue Reading →

Moonlanding = Fake???

Was the moonlanding fake?? Whoopi Goldberg believes so! This week celebrates the 40th anniversary of the first moon shot and moon walk. It was July 20th, 1969 that saw Neil Armstrong, followed by Buzz Aldrin, walk out onto the lunar surface. On Monday's episode of The View, Whoopi Goldberg brought up the theory that the... Continue Reading →

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