Mariah the Man

Mariah the man is not nearly as good looking as Mariah the diva!! Why is she cross-dressing as a man?! Is she going undercover?! lol Hell no! It's for the music video for her new single "Obsessed"! Mariah was in New York City yesterday acting the male parts that were originally given to Adam Samberg.... Continue Reading →

How I Want to Remember MJ

Cool facts about the Micheal Jackson I want to remember... ** He was truly the King of Pop -- five of his solo albums are among the world's best selling records: Off the Wall (1979), Thriller (1982), Bad (1987), Dangerous (1991) and HIStory (1995). ** He is credited for breaking down racial barriers & transforming... Continue Reading →

What a Week…

First we lost Ed McMahon on Tuesday and then, 2 days later, a double wammy -- both Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson pass away... what a week of lost and sadness... I have to admit that the lost of Micheal Jackson is the one that affects me the most right now. I grew up watching... Continue Reading →

Murderers Wed, One found dead! Oops!

Tom Elton (convicted murderer for the 1975 killing of a fellow prison inmate) meets Brenda Blondell (convicted murderer for the drowning of a 21-year-old drug addict back in 87) when out on parole and as they both become prisoners’ rights activists.  Soon after, they marry!! Ahhhh love!!!! Here's the twist -- Tom is now being... Continue Reading →

Saving the World One Cow Burp at a Time!

Did you know that, according to Environment Canada, cow burps are responsible for nearly 75% of total methane emissions -- a greenhouse gas that causes global warming!? So, in order to save the world from climate changes, Canadian scientists are working to breed a special kind of cow that will burp less!!! Since the methane... Continue Reading →

Jon vs Kate; Chris vs Rihanna

Two big couples with 2 big stories, kinda came to 2 big conclusions last night... First off, Jon & Kate Gosselin's big announcement was no surprise -- 10 days after their 10th year anniversary, the couple announced their official separation with divorce papers already being filed. Honestly, I think it is a shame. Eight children... Continue Reading →

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