The iPhone and iPod touch gives a new meaning to the word "finger painting." I never even considered fiddling with paint-type applications on my iPhone because I felt I'd be limited in what I could actually do on such a small screen... Well, NY artist Jorge Colombo just proved me wrong!! Jorge Colombo used the... Continue Reading →

Do You Want Elvis on That Pizza?!

Should we call it edible art?! Using only pizza toppings, this artist recreated the faces of some of the most memorable people on the planet! Check it out: The Royals Queen Elizabeth & Camilla Parker-Bowles Politicians Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher & Barack Obama The One & Onlys! Elvis, Elton John & Marilyn Monron I find... Continue Reading →

My Summer Look!

About a month ago, we talked about which summer look I should go for... I asked for your opinion & you guys told me all about hair extensions. Well, they are done! Last week, I visited my beloved hairdresser Maria (Odyssey Jazz). She's been doing my hair for the last 6 years, going from purple... Continue Reading →

On Vacay But…

Hey guys! yep--I'm on vacay, but as I was relaxing, reading the newspaper, I fell upon the funniest ''OMG are you serious'' story! Can you believe that about 200 prisoners will be cycling around France next month in their very own version of the Tour de France!!! The only difference with this first edition of... Continue Reading →

What Kind of Sandwich Are You?!

So I sometimes get bored and take those random personality tests that pop up on your computer. One I took yesterday could describe my personality according to the type of sandwich I was! There are 5 easy questions like what type of bread you like and how do you cut your sandwich and VOILA! It... Continue Reading →

Crazy Bets!

We radio people are crazy and sometimes throw out bets over the air that we might not have in the ordinary world!!! You know -- in the heat of the moment! Well, our friends at Virgin Radio Toronto are the perfect example of a crazy bet gone a tad wrong!!! Their "Cat, Lisa & Sir... Continue Reading →

Rihanna Disses Chris Brown…

Rihanna's latest song, "Silly Boy" is destined to be played non-stop over the radio airwaves and I'm sure Chris Brown is not looking forward to it! Not only does Rihanna team up with Lady GaGa on the track, but she completely rips into her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown!! If Brown was hoping that Rihanna would take... Continue Reading →


Ok... so ever since we started playing this guy, we've been getting all sorts of calls; people wondering who he is, how to spell his name (as they can't find him in searches), wondering where the hell his stage name comes from... The only info I had: he's a DJ from Toronto & his real... Continue Reading →

Twitter is Out of This World…

...literally!!!!! U.S. astronaut Mike Massimino has just sent the first Twitter message from space! "Astro_Mike" began using Twitter to update friends/followers while he was training for his upcoming mission to service the Hubble Space Telescope. On May 11th, Massimino and six others blasted off in the space shuttle Atlantis and began their mission (which includes... Continue Reading →

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