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Celebs’ Hand-me-Downs

Posted on: April 8, 2009

What a smart idea! Nicole Richie and Angelina Jolie are donating the clothes off their kids’ backs for charity.

Nicole listed a few of Harlow’s gently-used items to to raise money for her and Joel Madden’s Richie-Madden Foundation. In the auction, which just launched yesterday and runs until April 17, you can find an autographed Maclaren Lacoste stroller currently listed at 401$. Also up for grabs: Harlow’s Stride Ride patent leather mary jane shoes (latest bid was 25$), a bright red Gymboree romper (now going for 56$) and Minnetonka Moccasins (for 51$). So many cute items!

Next month, Jolie will give up items used by her brood, which includes Knox and Viv, 9 months, Shiloh, 2, Zahara, 4, Pax, 5 and Maddox, 7.


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