A Quickie!

Sun, sweat, a proposal and a marriage – this year's London Marathon had it all. While Nick Pinder, 27, proposed to his girlfriend Lisa Hacker, 31 about 200m from the finish line without stopping in their tracks, another couple took a little detour for a quickie. A quick wedding that is! Rachel Pitt and her... Continue Reading →

Trouble Finding Your Boobs??

A Brazilian company is tackling that problem by inventing a bra equipped with a GPS system!!! Brazilian designer Lucia Lorio’s “Find Me If You Can” lingerie line suits it's name perfectly! "Some men think they can keep tabs on their girlfriends with it, but they’re wrong”, she says. The truth is, the possessor of the... Continue Reading →

Is Pink a Fake?!

You know how everything in Hollywood seems to happen exactly when that person's movie/album is coming out?! I thought only D-list celebrities actually used that method of marketing & really disliked the scheme, but I am now scared to think that one of my favorite, who I thought was authentic, artist has done just that!... Continue Reading →

Ashley Hegi Dies…

I first saw Ashley Hegi on a TLC show about defying the odds of a rare genetic disease that causes premature aging. I was glued to the TV. Ashley was one of 53 people in the world and 3 in Canada with Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome. I caught that same show 2 more times afterwards and,... Continue Reading →

Lilith Fair Returns!!

In 1996, Sarah McLachlan became frustrated with concert promoters that refused to feature two female musicians in a row, as an opening act and main concert. With the help of Nettwerk's CEO Terry McBride & Dan Fraser, Sarah created an all-female tour to be named Lilith Fair!! Between 1997 & 1999, Lilith Fair raised over... Continue Reading →

Amy Winehouse a Children’s Author?!

Amy Winehouse saw her music career kinda take a hit after more & more drug/rehab/whatnot scandals surrounded her, so she is now thinking of another career... and you'll never guess what it is (well, it's the title of this blog, so guessing will be easy-lol)! Amy Winehouse wants to write children's books!!!! That makes so... Continue Reading →

I’m a little teacup…

So I was watching TMZ when they showed this picture of Lady Gaga visiting the Grand Palais Museum in Paris yesterday, saying she looked like a teacup... To be honest, I think she looks ok there (considering it is Lady Gaga we are talking about!) and no where as close to a teacup as when... Continue Reading →

10 years later…

Is your 10 year High School Reunion fast approaching?! Are you dreading it?! Andrea Wachner did, so she decided to have some fun and hire a stripper to impersonate her!! Wachner, a freelance comedy writer, made a documentary about it called, "I Remember Andrea." Some of her classmates didn't think the prank/film was funny, and... Continue Reading →

It’s a bird… it’s a plane…

it's a man propelled by a JetPak!!! If you ever dreamed of flying, I guess this is a pretty cool way to make that dream come true! I'd try it! For more info, check out Jetlev Flyer's website. Thanks to listener Marc Lacroix for passing this along! I love discovering things like this! You found... Continue Reading →

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