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So I found this camera on St-Paddy’s and I am trying to find it’s owner. You’d think it would be easy since I have pics of the owner, but think again!!! It’s not an easy task…

The only thing I could get from the 151 photos is:

**She is a young blond in her 20s;

**She lives or went to New Brunswick recently, as there is a pic of a car with a N.B. license plate;

**She has a Lake Brome picture on one of her walls;

**She spent St-Paddy’s post-parade at Hurleys!!!

I called Hurleys and they could not help me, so this is my last resort! If I can find a way to get some of these photos on the computer, I’ll post something on the MOST AMAZING SITE dedicated to orphaned pics of lost cameras! It’s pretty funny–people post photos they found on the camera and write a little something about where they found it. Then, they hope the owner will come forth!

Until I find a compatible wire to transfer some photos, if you heard of any blond chick who lost her camera on St-Paddy’s, send her my way!!!



Is divorce by YouTube the new frontier in family law!?! The wife of the largest theatre owner on Broadway took to YouTube to spill the secrets of her marriage in an apparent effort to gain leverage and humiliate her husband during their divorce. The concept of humiliation is definitely brought to a whole new level!!!

In a tearful and frustrated YouTube video, Tricia Walsh-Smith lashed out against her husband, Philip Smith. She went through their wedding album on camera, describing family members as “bad” or “evil” or “nasty,” and talked about how her husband was allegedly trying to evict her from their luxury apartment. She also claimed they never had sex and then called his office on camera to ask his stunned assistant what to do with the viagra and condoms she found. This lady is crazy!!!

That’s not all — if you google Tricia Walsh-Smith she has almost 20 videos of bezerkness!!! Since judges look at a person’s judgment, I think she is doing more harm than good here, but hey! We’re living in the YouTube Era and it is quite entertaining, so I guess she is getting the attention she is seeking!

Here is the video that started it all–watch it!

This is my favorite of her crazy follow-ups (!!!):

Now she writes her own songs (!!!) about the whole putting videos up and becoming an overnight sensation. Plus, she stars in them (haha did I say she was crazy?!). This is “Arm Candy”:

Do I hear crazy?? Yep–I hear ya!!! hahaha

So there are extreme sports and then there are sports that one would only try if it were your last day on earth–except if you are daredevil Pedro Olivia…

Pedro thought <em>why not kayak down one of the Amazon’s tallest waterfalls</em> and did so last month!

It only took him 2.9 seconds to drop 127ft down the Salto Belo falls, Brazil, at speeds up to 110km/h — shattering the existing world record for a descent in a kayak which stood at 108ft. How could he survive a freefall almost twice that of Niagara Falls (Niagara Falls are higher, at 176ft, the actual drop is only 70ft because of rocks at the base)?? Well, apparently a unique combination of currents in the area have created what kayakers believe to be the softest water landing in the world.

Members of his Brazil World Record Attempt Expedition team captured it all on tape–pretty crazy stuff–you see Pedro hurtling head first to the bottom, disappearing from sight as he plunged into a deep pool at the bottom and then emerging, unharmed, behind the waterfall. CHECK IT OUT!!!

Saturday, March 28th is this year’s edition of Earth Hour. In case you are not aware, Earth hour is an international endevour created by the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature/World Wildlife Fund), held on the last Saturday of March, that asks households and businesses to turn off their non-essential lights and electrical appliances for one hour to raise awareness towards the need to take action on climate change.

It started in Australia, but achieved worldwide participation last year with 35 countries powering down for an hour. This year, not only has the event recognised by the United Nations, but 80 countries and 1,500 cities have ‘committed to Earth Hour 2009’.

You might think it is silly and not make a difference–but check out this photo and see proof for yourself–this is one little city, imagine this happening around the world!! WOW!!

It’s all happening next Saturday, March 28th, 8:30pm.

Why not do more than just turn out the lights–check out THIS WEBSITE which is the first web site that can only be read when the lights are off and offers ideas of what to do in Montreal for the occasion!!!

Make a difference–participate in Earth Hour 🙂

Check out THIS CANADIAN WEBSITE to see how you can vote Earth, plus see awesome videos of what’s happening around the world as the 8:30pm timeline passes through different cities/countries!

Barbie celebrated 50 legendary years as a fashion icon & pop culture princess this last week. So many celebrated the diva, including Volkswagen who helped Mattel create the ultimate Barbie dream car –a life-size pink Malibu Barbie New Beetle convertible–which I seriously want!!! SERIOUSLY… I WANT IT!!!

Anyways, here are some facts that you might not know about the doll! The prototype for the Barbie was actually based on something called “Bild-Lilli,” which was a sex toy based on a European newspaper cartoon character who was a prostitute.

Ruth Handler — the brains behind Barbie—nammed Barbie and Ken after her own two children, who hated the dolls.

Barbie’s full name: Barbie Millicent Roberts.

In 1959, the first Barbie doll cost $3. Thus far, the most that’s been paid for a mint-condition No. 1 Barbie is $27,450.

Barbie’s hair comes in 7 different shades of blond –woven in various combinations to create highlights and lowlights. This could explain why the best-selling Barbie to date is Totally Hair Barbie with locks 10-1/2 inches long.

Barbie’s favorite eye shadow colour is brown, she comes in 11 different skin tones and 90% of kids have owned one!!! I’m part of the 10%…

There you go! Long live Barbie! Let’s just hope she gains a little fat in the next couple of years–if models need to have a minimum body fat index to be in fashion shows, Barbie should have a minimum size to be on shelves!!! (haha sorry–I loved Cabbage Patch Kids! lol)

I never thought I would one day say it’s ok to look at my breasts, but it’s all for a healthy life style!!! Apparently, an eyeful can keep the doctor away… Researchers have discovered that staring at women’s breasts makes men live longer !!

The survey says that just 10 minutes of staring at the charms of a well endowed female is roughly equivalent to a 30min aerobics workout at the gym!!! So much easier too!!!

A five-year study of 200 men found that those who enjoyed a longing look at busty beauties had lower blood pressure, less heart disease and slower pulse rates compared to those who did not get their daily eyeful.

Now men, this is not an excuse to look at every boobie lady that passes by — 10min a day is all you need, so behave!!!

I had my 6 month old puppy Quincy vaccinated and neutered yesterday and I am still traumatised by the cost! Seriously, I don’t understand how vets can charge so much for operations like that! 2 vaccinations and one clip clip of my puppy’s manhood cost me almost 400$…

Here’s my beef: my dad was a urologist and he charged 46$ for a vasectomy — the vet charged me 215$ for my puppy’s anti-baby treatment! WHY?? How can it be more expensive for animals to get operated–that just doesn’t make sense!

I want to know–all you vets out there–why do you charge such ridiculous amounts?! lol

Have you ever paid an outrageous amount for pet care!?? What is the most expensive treatment out there?!

My boyfriend got upset with me because I paid an extra 54$ to have blood work done before the operation to make sure my Quincy was ok before heading into general anesthetics (something that is obligatory for humans!!!)… Was i silly do to so?? Should we be spending this kind of money on pets??

Tell me!!! Please do tell!!!