Single Mom By Choice – Part 8: The Gift of Life

Sometimes you have to chose the smart decision over the emotional one. As I sat at the doctor's office two months after my failed in-vitro, I knew I had a difficult decision ahead. I had already set the minimum number of follicles for another try at in-vitro to seven, but I only had 6 (more... Continue Reading →


Single Mom By Choice – Part 7: Where there is a will, there is a way!

I am a tad superstitious. I like believing in the little things. I lift my feet when driving over train tracks, I touch the outside of the plane before getting on, I make a wish at 11:11 and I eat 12 grapes at midnight on New Year's Day! I believe in signs and meant-to-bes. I... Continue Reading →

Too Funny! Which is your favorite prank?

I LOVE PRANKS! April Fools is the best day for people like me! Here is my round-up of the best April Fools Pranks for 2016! Kudos to Westjet for always coming up with something original! This is actually something we can see happening on flights in the future: I so wish that THIS ONE (click here) were true!... Continue Reading →

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