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Over 5 million people probably feel REALLY old after watching this latest viral video that shows kids reacting to a technology that was so utterly amazing back in the 80s = the walkman!

Try not to laugh watching these kids attempting to understand how this “prehistoric” technology works:

OUCH! Don’t you feel old now?!

Kim ;)

I was hoping that this was a bad belated-April-fool joke, but no! This actually exists!

kfccorsagecloseupIt’s always the same deal when prom comes around — > kids guilt their parents into buying over-priced dresses, save up all year to hire a limo, and, of course, dream of being asked to go by the hottest guy in school.

But now, you have options when it comes to the sort of corsage you get the lucky lady!

I guess KFC was not content to just be a restaurant… They wanted in on the craziness that is prom! Hence, the KFC corsage!!!!!!!!!

Launched in collaboration with a Kentucky-based florist, the corsage costs $20 and comprises a spray of baby’s breath and a $5 KFC voucher (due to freshness issues). Thank God, there isn’t really chicken on the wrist!

By this video they are obviously making it a joke, but I’m ready to bet many will actually buy into this:

What do you think?

Kim ;)

This is GREAT!

A Boston agency posted a job listing online for a “Director of Operations” position at a company called Rhetom Inc. Some of the requirements for the job were that you had to be able to stand all day with no breaks, degrees in medicine and finance, workloads were to go up on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas… BRUTAL!

Yet, 24 people applied on this job and got interviews for it. They were in for quite the surprise… Their real-time reaction was caught on camera. It’s worth watching the video until the end:

How amazing — great marketing for a card company!

With Mothers Day a month away — think about thanking YOUR mom! Maybe with a card?!

Kim ;)

They were promised a wedding to remember and they got it!

Rev. Ray Kelly surprised a bride and groom by singing a custom-made cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” at Chris and Leah O’Kane’s wedding. Video of the surprise performance was put to YouTube and it’s not surprising to find out that it’s gone VIRAL!!

Watch (awesomeness starts 1min in):

What an AWESOME priest! I love the wink at the end!

Kim ;)

Some say it is the most annoying song ever, a definite earworm, and other (like me) just LOVES this song! So many childhood memories come rushing forth when I hear It’s A Small World and I think it is actually what sparked in me my first desires to travel!

Can you believe that It’s A Small World turned 50! In honour of its anniversary Disney creators are inviting everyone to sing along — and you can do it from the comfort of your home! For its first-of-its-kind online global sing-along, you can record videos of yourselves singing the catchy tune at

Disney already put together an international version:

You also can create virtual small-world dolls on the site to benefit UNICEF, the United Nation’s Children’s Fund. Disney will donate $1 (to up to $100,000) for each video and doll created on the site.

Come on!!! Let’s sing for charity!!!

Kim ;)

We’ve all seen shadow acts before, but I have to say that this one not only gave me goosebumps, it left me with a lump in my throat… seconds away from needing kleenexes! You gotta love it when a 2min piece of art gives you those emotions!


This was their semi-final performance. Despite being a Hungarian shadow theatre group, Attraction  ended up winning the seventh series of Britain’s Got Talent. 

Remarkable, no?!

Kim ;)

Ria is a 70 year old grandmother from the Netherlands who is prepping for her first big trip on an airplane… problem is that she has a fear of flying… This is where the phone company Vodafone’s came in with a helping hand!

In their “First” ad campaign, they paired Ria with An, a 78-year-old also from the Netherlands, to help each other conquer their fear of flying. 

An elected to do her flight homework with a virtual reality headset, while Ria decided to get her hands a little dirtier, and took a roller coaster ride to simulate the experience!!

Her reaction is priceless:

How can you not smile and feel young watching that!?

So… did Ria and An make it on a plane?! Watch:

Life is a beach now <3  Heartwarming, no?!

Kim ;)




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